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Experience Disney’s Dark Side at the “Maleficent” Movie Premiere

October 30, 2015

Aside from that shocking part of "Bambi," Disney has worked hard to hide its dark side, until now. The brand's commitment to sunshine, rainbows and unbelievable Disney moments has taken a sharp left turn with the dark fantasy, "Maleficent," which is premiering in Hollywood on May 28, 2014. Fans of fairy tales, fantasies and crazy Tim Burton-style productions will love this dark spin on an ageless classic. The acting is top-notch, and the writing is exceptional thanks to Linda Woolverton, the greatest screenwriter you've never heard of--unless you're a super fan of "Beauty and the Beast" or "The Lion King." "Maleficent" takes movie fans back to 14th century France and into a magical world described in Charles Perrault's "Sleeping Beauty." He's the same guy who penned "Cinderella" and other ... Continue Reading...

Wild Parties and Feuds at “The (Bad) Neighbors” Movie Premiere

October 30, 2015

Keeping up with the Joneses is hard work in any neighborhood, especially when the Joneses are 50 fraternity brothers and half the study body who come over to party. As Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen discover, it takes brawn, brains and a special touch to handle such a delicate situation. Equal parts revenge flick and farce, "The Neighbors" is this year's must-see comedy, and you can attend the premiere. Judd Apatow's big buddy Nicholas Stoller goes behind the camera to share his fraternity savvy with the world. Everyone loved his past films, including "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Get Him to the Greek," and this one definitely seems to be in the same comic vein. Mr. and Mrs. Radner and their toddler daughter face off against frat man Dave Franco, Greek gang leader Zac Efron, who's finally sh... Continue Reading...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise to the Occasion, Go to the Premiere

October 30, 2015

Die-hard fans, your spider sense will tell you that something big is afoot in Hollywood—er—New York City—something red and blue and spidery all over. It's almost hard to believe that the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is about to debut, since the first installment in this beloved reboot came out in 2012, which is like less than 24 months to watch, watch and re-watch the film a hundred times. We're not even used to Andrew Garfield being on screen instead of Toby McGuire, but he's proven himself worthy of some amazing, crazy superpowers. The film was shot entirely in New York State, staying true to Peter Parker's Queens roots, and it's premiering in the city too, which is great for all of you East Coast comic fans. In this electrifying reboot, and we really mean "electrifying," ... Continue Reading...

Do You Have the Need to Attend the “Need for Speed” Premiere and After-Party?

October 30, 2015

Aaron Paul is mad, and he wants revenge. Not just because his hit TV show “Breaking Bad” has run its course. How could he be mad about that? He helped make that show, and that show made him. No, this time he’s mad because he was sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. In his upcoming action car-chase, bang-bang, blow them up film “Need for Speed,” he not only has a need for speed, he has a need for a heaping helping of good old fashioned vengeance. They say vengeance is a dish best served cold, but Tobey Marshall (Paul’s character) is serving it up piping hot on the hood of a high-octane car or two or even ten.  He enters a cross-country race packed with high-performance muscle cars and super duper four wheeled machines. Things really get r... Continue Reading...

Wahlberg, Johnson Buddy Up in “Pain and Gain”

October 30, 2015

"Pain and Gain" is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg that is based on a series of investigative articles in 1999 written by Pete Collins for the Miami New Times about the Sun Gym Gang. Daniel Lugo (Wahlberg) decides he has to make his move before he's destined to wearing sweatpants to work every day. He's a physical trainer who takes steroids and dreams of having an easy life.  He and partner Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) undertook a kidnapping that didn't go as planned. Tony Shalhoub, of "Monk" fame, plays the kidnappee, Victor Kershaw. Dwayne Johnson, who used to be The Rock when he was a professional wrestler, comes on the team with Lugo and Doorbal as an enforcer, but he's committed to non-violence.   "Pain and Gain" has ample doses of both pain and gain, but it specializes in... Continue Reading...

“The Company You Keep” is Packed with Stars

October 30, 2015

Most films, it seems, rely on a couple A-list actors to hold it together. Supporting roles go to lesser known or unknown actors, probably for budget reasons. "The Company You Keep," which stars and was directed by Robert Redford, has a cast that's packed with a very impressive list of actors. Of course, Redford is an attraction unto himself. Anything with his name attached is usually gold. Maybe that's because he surrounds himself with great talent.   The Company You Keep boasts the talents of Julie Christie, whom Al Pacino called "the most poetic of all actresses." Other cast members include veterans Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Shia LaBeouf and Sam Elliott, whose unmistakable voice is used in lots of TV ads.  The flick is about a former member of the radical 70... Continue Reading...

"Scary Movie 5" Buzz Leads Up to April 3rd Premiere

October 29, 2015

The volatile combination of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan makes "Scary Movie 5" the most anticipated and the most dreaded movie of the year. The pratfalls and gags air on the big screen for the first time on April 3, 2013, at the world premiere in Hollywood. Those familiar with this unique comedy-horror brand know that the rebooted "Scary Movie 5" will be like no other film in the series. People are buying tickets to the "Scary Movie 5" premiere and the after-party to see the film and the star-studded action.    So far, Lindsay Lohan has threatened to sue Dimension Films for an unapproved probation joke that appeared in the trailer. She also refused to kiss Charlie Sheen during filming because his mouth was too gross. Apparently he wasn't offended, because a few weeks later he... Continue Reading...

Behind-The-Scenes at the Premiere of "The Company You Keep"

October 29, 2015

"The Company You Keep" is an obvious sleeper that's just beginning to rouse American audiences. For months if not years, fans and film critics have been waiting for "The Company You Keep" to make its official U.S. debut. Movie premiere tickets for "The Company You Keep" are now on sale for the April 1st debut and after-party, which is taking place in the always-glamorous New York City. The wait for this film has been excruciating, and the distribution agreement may have been part of the problem. Corporate contracts aside, "The Company You Keep" has a gripping based-on-a-book-and-real events story and a phenomenal ensemble cast led by Robert Redford and the impetuous Shia LaBeouf.  Trailers for the film have been teasing fans since August 2012, and the film made two premieres in Septe... Continue Reading...

Zucker/Proft Partnership Good for Comedy Fans

October 29, 2015

If you’re a fan of comedy films, then you’re probably a fan of David Zucker and Pat Proft and their occasional collaborations. These two comedy giants have been bringing the funny for decades—all the way back to the 70’s and the old “Smothers Brothers Show.” Proft wrote material for Cher, Bob Hope and Ringo Starr too. Zucker was the director of such classics as “Kentucky Fried Movie.” He was also a writer for “Airplane!” and the producer on “Scary Movie 3” and, now, “Scary Movie 5.” Proft and Zucker have written together on the “Naked Gun” trilogy. Together they wrote “Scary Movie 5.”  It was a stroke of genius to get Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan to be in the film. Both were,... Continue Reading...

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